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Below is a sample of our bronzes in thumb nails for a quick overview. For a close up, click on image and use the back button on your browser to return here.
Legacy_Patriarch.jpg (68823 bytes) Moonlight_Serenade.jpg (65977 bytes) Rainbow_Memories.jpg (52275 bytes)
Legacy Patriarch Moonlight Serenade Rainbow Memories

Artist Statement of Creative Process

"For the series of Pacific Northwest wildlife that I am currently working on; I begin by thinking of what animal(s) I want to depict, their habitat, what characteristics I want to portray. Then I consider the design and size I intend the piece to be, and begin the research process. Research takes place in many forms-some can be very time consuming. I may travel to zoos, game parks, wildlife preserves, libraries and bookstores to verify just one simple detail to satisfy my need to complete my work with some degree of accuracy.

At this point I may sketch first, then make a small clay reference model-or vice versa. I feel I need to be very detailed-as in the case of "Soaring Free" a life size American Bald Eagle-- I sketched out each feather of each wing and painstakingly created hundreds of individual wax feathers that were then applied to the clay sculpture. 

Next, I construct the armature for the sculpture from wood, aluminum wire and foam. I coat this "structure" in clay and wax, and add the details and texture-I love the details and texture! 

When I am satisfied that the sculpture is complete; it is transported to the foundry. After the foundry estimate, I know what the piece will sell for, and I indicate the edition size at this time, too. The first step at the foundry is that a skilled mold maker cuts my original work into pieces, then silicone molds are made of these pieces. It then goes through the rest of the foundry steps-wax, casting, welding, and patina. Sometimes I wait to see the finished piece to name it, other times the name "develops" much earlier in the process."


Link to Dan "Ratso" Ratermann, bronze artist.